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Why Shikhar Health Insurance?

100 percent

Up to 100% Hospitalization Expense Coverage

You can enjoy upto 100% of your hospitalization expenses including room charges, doctor fees, diagnostics tests, and more.


Pre & Post Hospitalization Expense Coverage

Require tests or treatments before hospitalization? Our health plan also covers you for 30 Days Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses and 60 days of post hospitalization expenses so you can focus on getting better.


Coverage for Treatments in Nepal & India

Whether you want to get treated in Nepal or in India, our health plan provides you coverage in any hospital in both countries.


Covid-19 Insurance Coverage

Our health plan covers hospitalization expenses on account of COVID-19. We understand that currently the preferred health plan is the one that secures your family against the pandemic. So, if you get our health insurance, you and your loved ones will be covered against the pandemic just 30 days after your policy start date.


Cashless Facilities in Network Hospitals

In case of treatment at our network hospitals, we provide cashless settlement of your claim. You don’t need to worry about arranging the cash for payment and can focus solely on getting better, without waiting or worrying.


Critical Illnesses Coverage

Our health insurance provides coverages of 35 named critical illness by paying a minimum supplementary premium.

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Breathe a little easier today by signing up for a Shikhar Health Insurance plan including COVID-19 Coverage.

When you are tested positive for covid-19 and require hospitalisation treatment for over 24 hours, our health insurance covers you for:

  • 2 PCR Tests
  • Other diagnostic test
  • Single standard Bed Charge
  • IV open medicinal treatment and/or active line of treatment.

100% Transparency

We believe that Health Insurance should be accessible & affordable to
everyone, and our packages are designed with all Nepali's in mind.

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What can you do with Shikhar Health Insurance?

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Any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s), for which you have had signs or symptoms, and/or were diagnosed, and/or received medical advice/treatment, within 48 months prior to the first policy with the insurance company is called a pre-existing disease.

The duration after which you can make a claim is called a waiting period. Our waiting periods for Shikhar Insurance Complete Health Insurance and Health Booster policy are as below:

  • No waiting period for accidental hospitalization.
  • 30 days for all claims other than accidental hospitalisation.
  • 2-4 years for pre-existing diseases.
    (NOTE: These diseases should be declared at the time of proposal)
  • 2 years for standard list of diseases and procedures.

Annual (basic) sum insured is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay you in the event of a claim in a policy year.

Yes, a waiting period will apply only to the added sum insured.

Numerous employers offer group or individual health plans. However, these are not customised as per your needs and may have certain restrictions and limitations. Also, the coverage is dependent on the continuation of the job. Once you quit, you cannot avail the health plan benefits. Therefore, it is important to insure yourself with a comprehensive cover that lets you customise as per your needs.

So long as the hospitalisation is in Nepal and India, the travel history will not affect the admissibility of claim under the policy.

In the case of diagnostics tests, if there is no disease & the insured is not hospitalized, then the claims under such will not be covered under health insurance policy.

You can include your children after 91 days of being born and can be a dependent upto 21 years in your policy. Newborns can be included after 91 days of birth.

Yes, hospitalisation expenses on account of COVID-19 will be covered under the health insurance policy if there is an active line of treatment as per the policy terms and conditions.

In case of hospitalisation for COVID-19, the hospitalisation expenses incurred will be covered if the illness is contracted after 30 days of starting a fresh policy. The 30 days condition will not apply if you have renewed your health policy without a break or have ported it to Shikhar Insurance.

Sum insured enhancement will be allowed based on medical assessment in accordance with the underwriting guidelines. However, such sum insured enhancement will be done only at the time of renewal. Further, medical tests may also be asked prior to availing high sum insure.

We do not cover home isolation

Expenses will be covered only in case of hospitalization & with an active line of treatment. However, expenses incurred on account of self-quarantine or quarantine at home will not be covered.

Yes, the policy will cover Nepal and India.


  1. Permanent exclusions Click here to download
  2. 4 years for pre-existing diseases.
  3. 2 years waiting period for certain treatments. Click here to download
  4. Medical expenses incurred within 30 days of inception of the policy.
  5. Non-medical expenses (i.e. Sanitary napkins, towels, tooth brush, birth certificate, thermometers, etc.)
  6. Ambulance charges.
  7. Higher category room (i.e. suites), however this does not apply to single standard AC rooms / cabins).
  8. Covid-infection control charge.
  9. Covid 19 exclusions:
    • Covid-infection control charge
    • Food Expenses
    • PPE kit
    • Pulse oximeter
    • Thermometer
    • Gloves
    • Masks

Issued Date: 2013-07-19

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