For Claim Intimation / Claim registration:
Claim Registration:- 9801237717 & 9802336465
(Niraj Shakya, Saroj Kumar Singh & Amir Kumar Bista)

For Commercial Vehicle Claim:
Screening & Processing:- 9801237718 & 9802320819
(Siumal Kumar Shahi, Deepu Khadka & Ajay Banjade)

For Private Vehicle Claim:
Screening & Processing:- 9802320818
(Sunil Luhar & Babi Shree Rayamajhi)

For Motorcycle Claim:
Screening & Processing:- 9802320821
(Pabitra Nepal)

For Viber/Whatsapp & Fast Track Related Claim:
9801235128 (Only For Messages & Documents)
Covid - 19 Claim


Akash Bhat - 9802320830
Daruin Joshi - 9802336451
१ बीमालेखको प्रति
२ पूर्ण रुपले भरेको दावी फारम
३ होम आइसोलेसनमा बसेको खण्डमा स्थानीय निकायबाट प्रमाणित कागजात
४ अस्पताल र / वा क्वारेन्टिनमा बसेको खण्डमा डिस्चार्ज सिट
५ नेपाल सरकारको आधिकारिक परिचयपत्र जस्तै नागरिकताको प्रतिलिपि
६ पिसीआर रिपोर्टको सक्कल प्रति
७ उपचारको खण्डमा सो को बिल र / वा नगदी रसिदको सक्कल प्रतिहरु
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8. Contest will end 5 days from the date that the quiz is posted.

9. The prizes are not transferable to another individual.

10. The prizes are as stated, and no cash/alternatives will be offered.

11. Failure to respond, or failure to meet the requirements, will result in loss of the prize.

(Cited from various sources.)